The Why’s and How’s …

It was Myco, my eldest daughter, who actually suggested I start this blog with this title. You see, currently I have eight (8) blogs … a mix of so many things that I love.

But then she said I don’t really need that many: one is enough. She continued that because I love writing so much, or to use the most appropriate word – blogging – it would be great if I can make and keep one quality blog and pour everything there – my learnings, my experiences, all the things that I love, my reflections,  my favorite everything, etc., etc, etc…

And so this blog is born. And I am so excited ;D

By the way, I am mother to five amazing children namely Myco, Ella, April, Sarah, and Romelson.

I married a very good man …

I am one lucky woman …

My husband, my kids, my niece and nephews, and my closest friends call me Momi Tins …

Welcome to my “nth” blog!

But never mind, rest assured this will be one blog you’ll enjoy visiting ♥

Momi and Kids
Me, My Children, together with my nephews ♥

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