Five Wishes for a Friend …

This is a little advanced because I’ going somewhere and won’t be back until Sunday.

So for this Friday, October 29, here’s the question:

If you can ask for five wishes for someone else (excluding your family), assuming that those five wishes will be granted,  who would be those five recipients of your wishes and what will be your wishes for them?

Because I am not sure if I explained myself very well, I’ll give mine as an example.

1) President Gundaya’s family – A new business

2) Joy Abastas – good health

3) The Portugal Family – A house

4) The Rama Family – A dress shop

5) Ate Dely – A business, maybe a sari sari store

….. if only this is true … and if only I can write an endless list … =(


3 thoughts on “Five Wishes for a Friend …

  1. 1. Christy – my previous househelp, that she’ll find a house near mine so she can still provide services for me
    2. Romero – my airport taxi driver – for his family to join him in Manila
    3. Annielyn – to be accepted in a residency training in Germany
    4. AdlC – who have the big “C” – that she will be free of ot
    5. regina – to find a high paying job in Manila so she can be with her family

  2. mmmmm

    1.David Kanar – that he will totally get well and be physically healthy.
    2.Arlene Laqui, baptism for her husband,so they can be sealed soon as family.
    3.Christopher Cabugao – my best friend brother, a full recovery for him and an understanding of the importance of the gospel.
    4.Merly Dael – a worthy priesthood that could bring and marry her in the temple
    5.Sia Famiy – for brother Sia, a sari sari store to support his family

  3. 1.) Te Cacay – that she will be rewarded for all the sacrifices she has done for her family
    2.) Te Tata – that she will be given the things that she wanted and that includes a home to call her own.
    3.) Mama – a vacation somewhere in Asia (murag ako japun ni wish)
    4.) Iris – that she will finally be settled.
    5.) a person in my past – that he will find the love and happiness that he has always wanted and he will be at peace with his life.

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