Crumpled White Shirts …

Two young men blessed the Sacrament; four young men passed it … seven priesthood leaders sat in front … and more than 30 men – fathers, brothers, ward leaders – together with almost 30 women, young and old – participated reverently in the special sacrament meeting aboard SuperFerry 20 that beautiful Sunday morning. What made the occasion very meaningful was the fact that all these men wore crumpled white shirts to attend to their priesthood duty – with honor and dignity.

I felt so blessed as I sat beside my daughters and my husband, as I looked at my son who was seated in front preparing to pass the sacrament. I could not help but feel a sense of joy knowing that he is growing up well. He knows who he is, his duties and responsibilities, and he has his Dad and his priesthood leaders who loves him dearly and who teaches him how to become the best that he can ever be.

I felt tears swell in my eyes as I looked around at the men who were either sitting or standing, all dignified looking, snappy in their Sunday clothes, despite the fact that their shirts and their pants all came from the bags crumpled and maybe smelly after being used for two days. You see, we never expected to hold a special sacrament in the boat since we were supposed to arrive 7 hours earlier.

Nonetheless, all went well. It was a wonderful and very spiritual special sacrament.

Now I know … that white shirts, even crumpled ones, can look immaculately pristine, when those who wear them stand dignified and honorable, knowing that they are doing the Lord’s work … at all times, and in all things, and in all places.

Young Men in White Shirts
Young Men in White Shirts

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