Can You Remember Five (5) of Your Fondest Childhood Memories?

Thanks to those who posted their answers to the two previous questions.

I hope you had a great time thinking about your answers.

So it’s Thursday evening again, and here I am, trying to come up with the next Fave Five’s on Friday question for all of us.

Here goes the question:

Can You Remember Five (5) of Your Fondest Childhood Memories?


I hope you will take the time to pause and recall what those are… and I hope as you do, it’ll put a sweet smile on your face. ♥


Here’s mine:

1. I remember playing with my cousins (Ate Maritess, Ate Wawing, Babus, and Ivan) and my sisters’ Charina and Carla. We used to play “buy and sell” and used leaves, cigarette and candy wrappers as money;

2. I remember gathering “tanzans” or softdrink bottle caps from the nearby stores so we could use them to play “Taksi” and also to make the musical instrument for our Christmas caroling. We used stones to pound them into thin sheets and then we’d ask an older person to put them all together using a wire; Christmas was a lot of fun then!

3. My hometown didn’t have electricity back then, so during evenings, we’d gather together, all of us cousins (for we were neighbors then along Fortich Street, infront of BSC), and we’d play “bulan bulan” in the street.

4. I loved wearing grass skirts then. Uso pa kaayo ang Hawaiian dance hehehe (even now, as I write this, i can still sing Pearly Shells and The Wedding Song) ;D

5. I loved the month of June when I was a child. Why? Because it was during this month that I get new everything:  a new set of uniform, a shiny pair of black shoes (I remember particularly well the brand – Gregg Shoes), socks, lots of notebooks, a thick pad paper, ball pens (Bic pa sa una ang brand), pencils, crayons, water color, eraser, pencil case, a sharpener, a ruler, and an umbrella. When my parents’ budget permitted, I also got a new school bag.

After having written all my five’s, I suddenly realized that I was actually smiling… Not bad at all, don’t you think?

So go ahead, think about your answers to this, and write on!




16 thoughts on “Can You Remember Five (5) of Your Fondest Childhood Memories?

  1. here….

    1. I remember everyone treating me like a princess at home. (Papa, Mama, all my titos and titas, lolo fred, mommy.. neighbors too… Everyone would love to listen to my fluent english at a young age..hihihihihhih.

    2. I laugh whenever I remember my childhood playmates call me “chin-chun-su” because my skin so pearly white when I was a child..

    3. I remember my Papa Patrick would read me bedtime stories before I sleep because mommy is so annoyed and sleepy na.

    4. I remember having lots of gifts during christmas because I have lots of ninangs and ninongs at my ancestrral place Jasaan.

    5. Last but not the least, I loved it when my Lolo Fred would always tag me along when he goes to work. I would just stay at his room and draw houses. and the best part? after office hours he would bring me to the Limketkai and i get to buy what I want with moderationn of course.;)

    Wnenever I remember this things.. My heart smiles because even though some of them didn’t get to my present I knew I am always loved. and they all still live in the core of my being.. and that what makes me a Fighter always and will be!<3

  2. Can You Remember Five (5) of Your Fondest Childhood Memories?

    1. I remember my playmates when we are still in Caloocan. Beth, Delia, Jon-Jon,Joel, Floyd, and me used to play “ Taguan pong”, “Piko”, Chinese garter, touching ball, and volleyball. But the best game ever we play was the taguan pong , pati si Lola Upeng nagugulat sa amin. Si Lolo Elias nagagalit sa amin kaguluhan… pero enjoy. Lolo Elias and Lola Upeng, mag asawa sila , may ari ng apartment sa Caloocan.
    2. I like the time when my tatay came home from work, he always had the “ pasalubong”, ice cream or robina roasted chicken or cake. Masaya , parang araw araw may nag birthday…. I missed those times…..
    3. Spend Christmas vacation here in Cagayan de Oro City, riding a boat. Then meeting all the old folks and they always asked us to dance , Me and Floyd prepared a dance number, “ boogie” and “salsa” ( yan ang uso nun eh). Then they will give us 5 – 20 pesos bill…. Sino ang choreographer sa sayaw namin? Ako yata?
    4. Going out with Nanay , sometimes sa Luneta, Manila Zoo, Harrison Plaza ( riding a go cart),Baclaran church( Catholic) .Enjoy kaayo… Sakay dayon sa love bus…
    5. favorite food to eat – fried egg, fried chicken and pork chop….everytime we are in Carriedo area, naa ice cream vendo didto… dili pwede di mag buy….we love to eat SIOPAO

    Many to mention… eto lang ang naalala ko ngayon…..

  3. 1. One of the fondest memories I had as a kid was when we everytime we go fishing with my family. I and my sisters would take turn holding the lamp. There used to be a clean river a few meters away from our house. I love that river!
    2. In that same river, I and my siblings and few other neighbor friends would go swimming and play what you call ‘You’re it!’ It was so much fun!
    3. We used to play ‘balay balay’ when I was a kid. Since I’m the youngest in the group, I was usually the baby and I loved it! The older kids would cook rice and kalamunggay with bulad, fun!
    4. When I was in primary, I remember in our ‘ole meetinghouse… there was lots of guava trees… and we used to ‘mamayabas’ during class breaks haha
    5. When I was a wee kid… no electricity, we survived! Haha I remember we used to walk about 500 meters to our closest neighbor to watch TV and race each other home especially after watching a horror show!
    … These are just a few of my fondest childhood memories and they always put a smile on my face. I think back in those days, life was way simple then but we had fun!

  4. By: Marianne Leila S. Flores

    Daghan man ko memories from childhood… 🙂
    these are a few:

    1) playing with the Murillo kids, games involving rubber bands, jackstones, tanzans, flat river stones, sticks, marbles, tsinelas, (Chinese) garter, mahjong!, sungka, baraha etc and shimmying up balimbing/star apple/macopa/bayabas trees, tago-tago, lakag-lakag; patintero, bulan-bulan kung gabii… etc etc. Remember our playground involves not only our houses (altho we stay in only if it’s raining), streets around us but also the town plaza! So, the list was practically endless.

    2) eating merienda with Daddy at the Capitol canteen, overlooking Kaamulan grounds (I would have maruya and he would have a sandwich and we would share a bottle of Tru-Orange).

    3) making Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day cards with Aleli… cutting out cartolina, copying greetings from old Hallmark cards. 🙂

    4) with my Yaya: playing cards with her at our corner sala table; sleeping on the banig with her while staring at the flickering mini-gas lamp and listening to her stories; looking forward to her afternoon merienda which is always yummy to eat in rain-soaked afternoons of Malaybalay;

    5) drawing every corner the house for Mommy as she gives me inch thick bond papers and Mongol pencils to draw with…

    Like you, every memory is remembered with smile on my face

  5. Childhood memories:

    1) the outdoor games, strolling in the moonlight, tanzan blues, games only popular in a barrio, plus the playing of house or the balay – balay. Elder friends and relatives have their own group like Aunt Ethel, Uncle Sammy, Eden and they have the best tail- like balay balay and they cooked meals – and we can’t enter their play house because it was posted at the entrance ” DILI MO ENTER ANG DILI ENTER!!!

    2) playing of tanzans and most often we lost, but we could play the next day because if those elder groups were in school, we sneaked out and got some of their crowns back!!!

    3) playing at noon time with neighbors but have to wait for our father to sleep because we were like spanish obliged to take a siesta even against our will – if not, we get scolded!

    4) my mom spanked me simply because i wore shorts? and went out with my high school barkadas?

    5) my uncle Loloy was a doctor and he has a clinic. One day i got wounded at my left arm when I opened a canned goods in our Home Economics class. I sneaked out every morning to get some merthiolate to dress my wound, it became worse but i continued, until one day i was caught by my uncle dressing the wound. OMG he said, i was allergic to merthiolate – and he told me don’t doctor your self. seek help from doctors.

    I would say that childhood days of baby boomers made them leaders in their own rights. it kept us stronger and a better person. no hi tech – no electricity – no expensive toys, no malls, no jollibee or mc do, only ice cream at the street – vendor where we could not even afford to buy – plus the petticoats that made us feel sexier and beautiful, even now a days.

    1. Thanks Tita Marge! As I was reading your post, I can not help but feel gratitude for the gift of remembering … We are blessed to have been given this ability to look back and remember wonderful memories. Hopefully, remembering them will inspire all of us to create more wonderful memories … enough and even more, to last our lifetime! ♥♥♥

  6. Finally, getting the time to do this!! 😉

    There wouldn’t be a day in my childhood that I remembered without my not so little bro Deric in it. We grew up together and shared our fights altogether also. 🙂

    1.) I remembered Mama bought me a cooking set, the clayed ones, they were so cute, as in! Hurriedly, I played on the set and did mock cooking, with real food! Yep, real rice grains, and our all time favorite “kalamunggay”. I can’t help beaming with pride serving it on little plates and calling Mama to eat with me and Deric. looking back, I know my influence in cooking started early with Mama teaching me how to do it. And right now, my kids eat kalamunggay because I grew up eating it and forced(!) my kids to eat it also. ha!

    2.) Papa was a driver in 1980’s, it was at that time that a driver gets to take home a good amount of money and we were showered with “pasalubong” from him everyday. From a raisin bread, yummy yummy’s pizza, and what not’s that he can bring to us. We so love waiting for him every night, thinking what’s in store for us. When it gets very late in the night, Mama would tell us to sleep and she will wake us up once Papa is home. I think we both woke up the next morning and ate that raisin bread, life was so simple then…simple joys, lots of laughter.

    3.) Mama would always tell me that I was that clumsy little girl, you see I’m “kimpi”..ahihi…I would always bump myself and end up hitting myself somewhere…After school, me and my brother would run to our home, (I wondered why would kids really run after school?)…Then there’s little steep way going to our house, Mama would see me running and suddenly she could not get a glimpse of me anymore and later on find out that “nasukamod na dia ko”, hahahaha! I would always remember that with a smile on my face, seeing my Ate Mikki doing exactly what I did when I was a child. She would always fall herself out, and she’s “kimpi” too. Talk about similarities.

    4.) We didn’t have electricity until me and my brother were like 6 or 7 years old, so it would always delight me when the three of us, Mama, Deric, and I would talk. Papa was always out driving and comes home late so we contented ourselves with having good night conversations, I really don’t remember what it is but I remember the feeling of being close to your loved ones. It was a great bonding moment for all of us. Now, I feel that moments like that should be handed down to an Internet savvy generation, a moment of silence with fireflies just lighting the streets, how I love that!

    5.) I was not the outgoing type of person, when my brother would go out and swim in the river or go out with his friends playing “jolen, patintero, or tau-tago”, I would stay at home and read books or just watch my cousins play. I was a loner I think, ;-). One day, I tried my fancy riding a bike, went well for a sec but then I fell and hurt my knee, so I stopped riding bikes then and regret not having the skill to do it now. 😦

    There are so many things in my childhood that I can remember but these are the most vivid ones, I love my childhood moments, they were the best times of my life. I really think one’s childhood should be happy and memorable so when you grow up, you will not be caught up with life’s complexities. That is my quest for now, to bring just a little bit of that childhood in my own children.

  7. I love thinking about my childhood. Every second of it was fun and exciting… especially when I was with my Ate Myco.

    So here it goes..

    1. We usually play and experiment things together, me and my ate. While Mama Meling cleans our backyard, we enjoy plucking flowers, leaves, seeds, and all sort of green and colorful stuff. We then start a fire and put a “bagul” on top of it.(instead of using a frying pan or a pot, we use bagul..which will eventually burn up! hahaha) We then pretended to own a Karinderya and sell our putahe. We used leaves as money back then. Hmmm… child entrepreneurs huh? :)) I remember one time, we were playing matches. We burned a plastic cellophane and were delighted by the rapid moves of the fire. Then, the liquid plastic slumped at my finger. Of coursed I cried!(loudly! hahaha you should see me cry loudly. :D) The plastic was still boiling in my finger! Hah! Surely, Ate Myco panicked. (hahaha) She then whispered to me, “Shhhh. Ayaw saba el. Palitan tika ug candy unya. ha? Tambalan lang nato na ug Colgate. Ha?” Alang, sugot sad ko ui! Candy na kaha na! hahaha Salamat siya, good girl ko! Wala jud ko nag saba. hehehe That was really fun!

    2. During Sundays, we used to ride a taxi cab going home. Then me, ate Myco, ate Ritchelle, and ate Aprila will agree on a contest: “lumba ta! Kung kinsai una mahuman mag ilis ug pambalay, winner.” We were very excited then. Sa may Corpus Christi pa lang, naka tangtang nana ang mga batons sa among sanina. Could you imagine?! Hahaha I could not imagine what the driver was thinking of. Hahaha For sure, the winner will always be me or ate myco because we wear whole dresses back then. lucky us! 🙂

    3. During sundays, the primary children were so eager and excited as we sang the closing hymn. After the closing prayer, we then race to the basketball court. Then the tournament will start. (Imagine little girls with cute little dresses and lovely sandals racing towards the court. chaos!! hahaha i could only imagine the face of our mothers. haha)We then play till night. take a pick: patintero, bahog-bahog, chinese garter, rugby, tumba lata, dakup-dakop, tagu-taguan, and all those fun games! Exciting isn’t it? But that was before. My playmates “before” are pretty matured right now to play those kind of stuff. Honestly? Some of them are quite eager to find their lifetime partners already. hahaha (eeeeewww) Basta ako, mas gusto pako mag jackstone! hahaha

    4.When I was still a child, during preschool, I was sooooo FAT! Hahaha As in! Then I have Ate Juling who fetches me every after school. After class, we would only walk towards home since our school is near our house. I was maldita way back then. Magpakugos or mag-baba jud ko kay Ate Juling. Kapui kaya baklay! Hahaha (maldita jud! Tambok pa naman kaayu ko and Ate Juling is quite petite. Hahaha poor Ate. :p) But that was before. Everytime I think of her, I miss her. She was a good ate to me and my sisters. I miss her already. 😦

    5. I always treasure my childhood. Papa was always part of it. I’ll get very excited when Papa arrives from Don Carlos, Surigao, or somewhere else because he always bought us toys and candies which we call “Surprise.” In him, I saw the goodness of childhood… sharing, love, peace, and excitement. I will always admire him and miss him.

    It was great, having to recall my childhood.
    If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. 🙂

  8. 1. Oh I remember playing with all the lil girls and boys in our compound, of course with my brother. I was the teacher and we used our home as our classroom. Gosh it was really fun, and then at the end of the month we would have our graduation and had awarding as well. Hahahaha. I remember using the stairs of one our neighbours as our stage.
    2. Summer is one of the best times of my childhood. My Cousins Ermie, Rodel And my brother Lyndon together with my Aunty Caring would spend our vacation at my father’s hometown ( Ilocos Norte).We would stay there for 2 to 3 weeks. Of course summer was not complete without going to “carayan” and have picnic with our uncles and cousins, and then my grandma would wait for us and cook our dinner. I suddenly miss her 
    3. Christmas was one of my favourites too! All of us in the neighbourhood would plan for a Christmas program where we could share foods and have presentations and we would go to each houses to sing Christmas carols and eat!
    4. I loved also when we will wait for papa from work at the “kanto” of our street then we would walk together back home, sometimes we would buy balot to eat while walking.
    5. I Loved brownout sometimes because we would gather together outside with the guanzon kids, I even remember one time when we put out our mats and beds then we slept outside. It was fun!

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