What’s Your Five Fondest Christmas Memories?

Here I go again … and what’s funny is that I can’t seem to wait for Friday to come before I post this next question.

So I hope you will forgive my enthusiasm …

The question I’d like you to think about and then answer is this:

What’s Your Five Fondest Christmas Memories ?


Here’s mine:

1. I remember going to my Ninong and Ninang’s houses to “claim” my Christmas gifts: @ Plaza Restaurant and visit with Ninang Moding Abao; @ the Pabillaran’s compund to visit Ninang Gigi; @ Ninong Cenon’s house – and later visit with Ninang Dulce …

Thinking about it now, “ulaw man diay kaayo hehehe”. Maayo na lang kay all of them were been very kind to me .. and generous pa gyod! ♥

2. I was born the day before Christmas, hence, my birthday celebration always happened eve before Christmas, hours before Noche Buena. And since we had guests during my dinner birthday party (all the Villanueva’s had dinner at our place), those birthday celebrations were very memorable.

There’s a downside though: because we always had lechon during dinner, busog na kaayo mi tanan … and as can be expected, dili na ganahan mag eat sa Noche Buena! Also, instead of getting two gifts – one for my birthday and one for Christmas, I always ended receiving only one, kana pa gyod kung dunay naka dumdom =(

3. Lolo and Lola’s white envelope … and later on, Mommy Julie’s red envelope. Everyone of us received our gifts from Lolo and Lola … and I still have one white envelope with me today, with Lola’s handwriting in it … in my name.

4. One Christmas not so long ago, on our way home to Malaybalay for our Christmas visit with my parents, my family decided to give gifts randomly. We agreed to give gifts to people, especially children, na among matagbuan on our way to Malaybalay. I remember stopping on several houses and watching my children give apples and toys as Christmas presents…

For # 5 … I still have to think hard… and long … so pahabol na lang =)

Merry Christmas everyone!



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