Happiness Formulas ♥♥♥

An eBook entitled “Happiness Formulas” summarizes some of the main findings in a recent research about subjective well-being:

  • Being happy is a choice people make right here and now, by living joyfully. It is not a place to reach in the future.
  • There are ways to measure subjective well-being and thinking about what such formulas mean for us is even more important than the numbers we get out of them;
  • We get happier by making other people happier
  • There are several “fringe” benefits to living joyfully.

For example:

  • Happier people are more sociable, energetic, more caring, and cooperative;
  • They are better liked by others;
  • They are more likely to get married and stay married;
  • They have wider social networks and receive support from friends;
  • They show more flexibility and creativity in their thinking;
  • They are more productive at work;
  • They are recognized as better leaders and negotiators, and so earn accordingly;
  • They are more tenacious when times are not pleasant;
  • They have stronger immune systems;
  • They are healthier both physically and mentally, and
  • They live longer.

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