Fave Five’s on Friday: Top 5 of “Things-To-Do” List

You might be wondering why I changed the title from “Bucket List” to “Things-To-Do List” … Well, I just feel that it’s more appropriate …

So actually, what I am asking are the things or activities you would like to do (or buy hehehe)  in the near future.

For this Friday, the question is simple.

What’s the Top Five of Your “Things-To-Do” List?

Here’s mine:

1. Learn to play the piano;

2. At least get a yellow belt in Taekwondo hehehe;

3. Travel by land the whole Philippines with Romel and my children. I’d like to visit specifically Vigan (my father’s home town), Ilocos Norte, Batanes Islands, and Palawan ;D

4. Dance the Tango with Romel … next anniversary??? ♥

Number 1 used to be “grow my hair long again” … But before that, in my draft, it used to be “wear a size 30 jeans again” …

But I guess that would waste one number, simply because those 2 are very “doable” and they don’t need to be in my top 5 “Things-To-Do” List …

So for Number 5,  it would be to bring into reality my dream business …

What that is?

It has something to do with what I love to do most … my passion!


18 thoughts on “Fave Five’s on Friday: Top 5 of “Things-To-Do” List

  1. I can only think of the following:

    1) Get a monogram Tivoli GM.

    2) Travel to Europe again to Prague and Greece.

    3) Lose weight before Christmas, but how can I? The parties are already in a queue.

    4) Go home in the coming Golden Week.

    5) I should get the above before 2011 will end hahaha.

    1. Hi Nor! Girl, I had to do some research on what monogram Tivoli GM is hahahaha! Poor me! Well anyway, sosyal man ning imong list Ma’am oi! Lahi ra gyod hehehe ;D

      Thanks for finding time to write. I hope you enjoyed pondering on the answers to this question ;D


  2. My top five bucket list….so simple
    1. Loseweight, pareho ta problema Nor!

    2. To be healthy always – bucket list talaga kay lisod man ang number one

    3. Take education units…I want to teach

    4. Take up law, haha!!!

    5. travel to germany and South Africa and Japan (this time with my BFF and ex-boyfriend).

    oh di ba, simple!!!

    1. Hi Doc!

      As I was going through your list, I can not help but think that 3 out of the five you’ve written are sooooooooooooooooo achievable. The 2 exceptions are numbers 1 and 2 hahahaha! Number 2 lisod kay after all that we do, we lift everything up to our Heavenly Father in prayer that He will grant it to us. Number 1 is hard (for me) kay the truth is, and I just realized this, as we get older, bisan pa unsaon og diet, the body can only do so much =(

      Re the units and taking up law, GO GIRL! Make it happen! ♥

      Thanks for finding time to write. Really appreciate it!


      1. yes, Chris. That’s why I mentioned that my bucket list is so simple! I will really find time for all of it.

  3. comment sa isa nga nagpost, you can explore PTC (Professional Teaching Certificate) at UP Open Univ. It’s on line tutorial and very doable. 🙂 after getting the certificate, you can take up LET.

    for my bucket list –
    1) travel around Europe and South America with my family,
    2) have swimming pool and screened in terrace attached to my house,
    3) ride hot air balloon, preferably over Bukidnon (but over other places would be a good enough second)
    4) write a book (topics in mind – autobiography but that would be a bit selfish, or ethnoveterinary medicine specifically herbal medicine for small animals with Philippine herbs, hair morphology of Phil wildlife for forensics use…)
    5) join Amazing Race Asia w/ one of my sisters.

    1. By the way, re your comment on somebody’s desire to get education units, thanks a lot! That was Doc Pureza Aurelio Fontelera … Taga BSC gihapon just like you and me … older mi sa inyong batch hahaha! I won’t say what year kay ma announce among edad hahaha! Thanks again ;D

  4. hmmm….

    1. To be able to play the piano like ate binbin does.
    2. Travel Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao by land together with family and friends. haha foodtrip dayun! 🙂
    3. Buy gifts this christmas and give them to children.. murag Santa Clara?? haha
    4. Find a good job soon.
    5. eat. pray. sleep. hahaha 😀

  5. I had to think hard for this, thus the late reply….:-)

    1.) I wanted to go back to my then 60kls. figure….seriously!!! I know I’ve been just mustering about it but I promised myself I will.
    2.) Own a house by the sea, fresh breeze in the morning, beautiful sunset, serenity…such a bliss!
    3.) Travel to Asia namely, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and India. Eat, Pray, Love dayon tirada…..nyahaha! But it’s a dream I have and I intend to pursue it maybe when I’m 50…;-)
    4.) Finish my course and take up Masters in Psychology…I’m determined to go for this goal…this is my short-term bucket list…
    5.) Do something extraordinary like maybe dance like Shakira…Tsamina, mina, eh, eh, waka, waka…I just love the dance step…:-D

  6. Hey, sorry for the late reply…hehhe..can’t think of any bucket list mn gud hehe. Well now i can think of many to-do-list..

    Here’s my top 5
    1. Clean clean clean every 5minutes.–always at the top list. Ecko is more like tazmania nowadays.
    2. Give gifts this christmas
    3. Travel with hubby and family
    4. Learn how to dance
    5. I wanna go Foodtripping this christmas. Hehehe. So subsob sa chores and work and i want to reward my self..hmmm? therapeutic eating!hahaha. Paging ate dot???!!

    1. Hi Gold! No worries, wala may deadline, due date, or cut off date sa Fave Five’s on Friday hahaha!

      Re your list, i apil ko sa number 2 hahaha! On number 1, hmmmmmmm, hinay hinay lang ;D Number 5, careful! Hinuon, sexy man ka hahaha!

      Thanks for this!

      1. I hear you Golds, I heard that…bwahahaha! pag abot ni Deric, let’s pig out in Bigby’s…they have this eat-all-you-can on December 8…yum kaayo! P289 per head, so putlon lang nato head…hahaha…

        Thank you for this momie tin’s…you’re an inspiration to everybody and this blog is a venue for pouring our deepest thoughts and emotions..naks! but really, thank you!

        Unsa kaha ako magift sa imo ba?

  7. @momytins: sure! hehe. thank you momy! love answering fave 5’s hehehe. tnuod mn na therapeutic jud ang eating..;D

    @ tdot hmmmmmm…lami kau baby back ribs s bigby’s…glaway nku link2support days…..ato ingnon deric..dli lng unta mugwas iya pgkakuripot…kuripot jd to super nyahaha..pero ok din nman inana xa…pero we’ll convince him jud ha?..nyahaha!

    1. Aguy! I can already see you all together having a great time! What a wonderful Christmas it will be for all of you! ♥♥♥

      Hmmmmmmmm, hinay hinay lang sa eating … pero okay ra pod basta mag exercise lang pagkahuman!

      Thanks again ladies, for taking the time to answer hehehe! Muah! ♥

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