Fave Five’s on Friday: What’s In Your Christmas Wish List?

I like what I’m doing right now!

These past few days I’ve been doing extensive research on “Christmas Wish Lists” for people of all ages, making recommendations on the best Christmas gifts available, and mind you, without any consideration on the price!

 Believe it or not, I found myself not only enjoying what I was doing (and still doing), it feels more like I am exactly doing the choosing and the shopping myself, in person! What a marvelous feeling!

And so out of pure curiosity, for this Friday, I would like to find out what your FIVE (5) wishes are (temporal/material things) which you would like to list down in your Christmas Wish List. Of course what you should write in your list should be things that are “achievable” and “possible” in your present circumstance, plus a lot of pluses, like taking into consideration your own resources, potential earnings, savings, halin sa baboy, sa baka, sa kanding, og sa uban pa…, “daog sa lotto” hahaha!, and of course those pinaskuhan from people who love you and who might just grant and make your Christmas wish true this Christmas!

Just bear in mind that there’s neither right nor wrong answer in this blog, so fire away my friends, and let your imagination soar high!

By the way, here’s mine:

A Diamond Ring

Diamond Stud Earrings

A Silver Watch

An iPhone 5

iPhone 5 (photo from smallbiztechnology.com)

And a small car for myself … ;D

So there goes my Christmas Wish List hahaha!

How about you? ♥♥♥


4 thoughts on “Fave Five’s on Friday: What’s In Your Christmas Wish List?

  1. My Christmas wish for December 2010

    Hmmm so difficult to think of it at my age –

    1) Travel around the world – and maybe visit all my families and relatives in the different places of the world;
    2) A new laptop because I am using a net book as of now;
    3) A new house ( if I win the lotto) – away from the floods that causes stress and inconvenience to me;
    4) Open a business for me to manage;
    5) Blouses and blouses and blouses plus pants for to use during meetings!!!!

    I am just a simple woman with simple dreams and wishes – but my friends would surely have some violent reactions, they want me to say that I am an extraordinary woman – doing great!

    I wish to wish the wish I wish to come true!!!

  2. Heres my thank you list… Tnan nman sku wishlist na realize.. almost! #5 nlang ang wla hehehe
    1. Deric’s homecoming
    2. Digicam
    3. A Gold ring
    4. Guess bag
    5. Moving in to our new home
    1-4–wr granted today… only #5 soon to be realized earlier next year

    I called this my thank you list… so grateful for the many blessings this year.. I realized God was soo good because I paid my honest tithes this year. Thank you God!!!<3<3

  3. On my wish list…

    1.) fast and reliable PC, cge ka shutdown ako computer, interferes with work..
    2.) a new phone kay ang akong cellphone guba na kaayo..hehe
    3.) a yaya….I need one, badly…kids can be a handful while working dayon kapoy na kaayo limpyo ug laba sa gabii when all your energy has been drained writing those articles…
    4.) a new washing machine with dryer…washing clothes can be a lot easier with this machine..
    5.) happiness and love for me and my kids…

    kana lang…hehehe

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