Christmas Shopping Tips that Will Make You Happy … Not Sad!

By this time, you’re probably just like any other normal person on this earth – worried about what Christmas presents to give to your love ones, friends, officemates, classmates, and even associates.

But why? What seems to be problem?

Definitely not the lack of nice things to give.

The stores and Malls are brimming with shiny, nice, colorful, exciting things fit for the occasion of gift giving.

It’s more on the dilemma of “insufficiency of funds” … to put it more nicely.

And so you tell yourself, with or without gifts, Christmas will still come, and you’ll still be here, even after Christmas! And so you try hard to convince yourself not to worry so much. You console yourself with the thought that they will understand!

Hey! Worry no more! Christmas shopping can still be fun! And with a lot of planning, it need not be expensive either! Remember the line: “It’s the thought that counts”?

So to go about it, here are a few Christmas shopping tips that will make your Christmas shopping happy … not sad!

1. Make a list by writing down all the people that you normally give holiday gifts to. And then include in the list, after their names, what you think they would like this Christmas.

2. Remember that Christmas gifts do not necessarily have to be bought from the stores. Think out of the box! Be creative!

3.  Do a “Price-Check” days before you actually shop and make price comparisons from store to store. Hunt for discounts and good packages.

4.  Prepare a budget. Do this after accomplishing numbers 1 and 3 in this list. Having a budget will help you “stay in the course” and avoid overspending.

5. When buying gifts, try “small and special”.

6. Make your own personally designed wrapping paper. Be creative. Put a personal touch. Recycle!

7. If your budget is really tight, give Christmas cards instead. Write a sincere personal message inside and you’ve got for yourself a memorable gift that will be more appreciated.

8. Shop round for the best bargains. Try the “Tiangge”, or go to smaller stores rather than the Mall. Try buying from the market. You see, items in these outlets are cheaper because their operational costs are smaller (meaning, the mark-up is not as big) compared to items found in malls or exclusive boutiques.

9.  You can create a CD, DVD, or MP3 compilation of tracks for a family member or friend who loves music.

10. If you have the talent and the passion, get crafty and make fashion jewelries for gifts. This is nice because you can actually make each piece unique and fitting just for the person you have in mind.

There! These are just few ways to save money during this Christmas holiday.

Happy shopping!


Merry Christmas!


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