Pork Steak!

Pork Steak ala Concepcion

Pork Steak

There’s something about Pinoy food that makes it a stand-out … that is, for majority of Filipinos. So between a McDo Burger and a Jollibee burger, the latter wins by leaps and bounds for one reason alone – it’s lasang Pinoy! So here’s a simple Pork Steak recipe that’s authentically lasang Pinoy! This recipe is tried, tested, and loved by my family.


Pork Steak

Dry Rub:


Black and White Pepper (ground)

Cayenne Pepper

Thyme (Dried)

Basil (Dried)

Oregano (Dried)

Tip: You may ask: “How much of each of the above dry rub ingredients should you use?” Well, it’s up to you because it also depends on the quantity of your pork steak. 


Thaw the meat/steak;

Mix all the dry rub ingredients in a bowl;

Coat the meat/steak with the dry rub;

Set aside to rest for at least 5 to 10 minutes;

How to Cook:

There are two ways to cook your steak. You can grill the steak over live charcoal or you can cook it using a griddle.


Cooking time actually depends on you. Well done pork steak should be cooked for five (5) minutes each side. If you want your pork steak medium rare or rare, you just have to adjust the time.

Serve with mashed potato and buttered vegetables as side dish.

Pork Steak ala Concepcion


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