Fave Five’s on Fridays ♥

(I started Fave Five’s on Fridays a few years back, but then I stopped. I am reviving it now with this old and edited post. I hope you’ll find this interesting!)


I miss “Ten on Tuesdays”!

I had fun thinking about the many “tens” asked in that blog …

The experience of going about picking my brain to remember fond memories of things i liked, songs i’ve heard, movies i’ve watched, foods i loved (and foods i still love) … things i missed doing, things i’d love to do … and so many more … it was great!

Inspired by that, I’ve decided to come up with my own version, to give others the same experience I’ve had with “Ten on Tuesdays”.

And I’m naming it this: Fave Five’s on Friday”, to give it a certain individuality.

So here’s how it goes:

Every Friday, I will post a question that is answerable by five of anything …

To give your answers, please write on the comment space ;D

One request though: this blog is intended for fun and learning – so please no tricky unwholesome answers.

Thanks and have fun answering!


Question # 1

What would be the 5 things in your Christmas Wish List this December?

It's Christmas!



7 thoughts on “Fave Five’s on Fridays ♥

  1. ~~~~ World Peace? nyahaha! pang beauty queen kaayo, but seriously these are the equivalent of my Grown-up Christmas List or Bucket List:

    ┌ that I’d be at peace with myself and Heavenly Father will give me what is rightfully mine (true love)
    ┌ that my children will grow up to be a fine young man and young woman and they will have a loving family of their own
    ┌ that I’d loose 100lbs by December (hey! It’s a wish right?) 😉 and altogether gain that in January..hehe
    ┌ that I’d be a happier person than I am today…
    ┌ and to be happier I want to have an iPhone 4 16GB to boot!

  2. Here’s my New Christmas Wishlist: (valid until December 31, 2010)——>joke

    1. Temple Trip with My Family (with some laag after hehehe)…heaven hmmm
    2. A High Paying not abusive Free-lancer Employer…mmm possible!
    3. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts –last had a mouthful of it almost 2 years ago..:(
    4. Moving in to our new Home middle or late next year…earlier the better..hihihi.. But I’ts up to God when.
    5. Last but not the Least, GOOD HEALTH FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.

  3. my grown up Christmas list
    1. good health for me and my family
    2. an Ipad or a kindle
    3. a new laptop
    4. for me to be 30 pounds lighter
    5. that all of our wishes will come true by the Grace of the Almighty.
    di ba mababaw lang naman ito lahat Lord!

  4. well, i never made wish lists but i’ll try:
    1. spend christmas with my kids ( i missed the last one)
    2. that sam will be able to talk next year
    3. that nothing will be strong enough to break our family (Marcaida) ties and we will always find the excuse to gather and have fun
    4. that richel’s siblings will also be able to enjoy the blessings of the gospel
    5. that richel and I will be able to raise a family that will be a blessing to others

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