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Brush Your Teeth To Lose Weight!

Gotcha! I’m sure you’re reading this post now because of the title.

But it’s true: brushing your teeth has so much to do with weight loss, or losing weight!

Many people working on getting in shape find that they frequently crave food in between meals. If you’re trying to cut down on your in-between snacking, especially before going to bed, brush your teeth immediately after dinner. Do not wait until your actual bedtime to do just that. Moreover, nothing tastes good with toothpaste. And even if you think chocolates or candies tastes okay–something that is debatable, at best–regular flavored Listerine or some other medicine-tasting mouthwash will certainly make just about everything taste bad.

Another good reason to brush your teeth after a meal or snack is because doing so sends a signal to your body that you are finished eating.