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My Five Best Places to Eat in Cagayan de Oro!

Here’s another Fave Five’s … I just can’t wait for the next Friday to come.

Imagine for a moment that you are expecting friends from other places. Your goal is to bring them around CdO, show them the most interesting places in the City, and let them experience how it feels to dine and have fun the Cagay-anon way.

The question is: Where would you bring them?

If my friends were coming over for a visit, I would bring them to:

1. My home … in my own kitchen and dining room. I’d cook Kare Kare and Calderetang Kambing. I’d ask Romel to cook Bulalo, Adobong Kambing, Inihaw na Kitong, Tausi Chicken Feet, and Kinilaw!

If we’re going out to dine, I’d bring them to these restaurants:

2. Jo’s Chicken Inato and I’d introduce them to the authentic Jo’s Buko Halo!

3. Barkadahan Grill! I love their fresh lumpia (the veggies inside include toge, baguio beans, potatoes, peanuts, etc.)

4. Mom’s Corner! Their fresh lumpia is simply delicious (the filling is ubod) and the sauce is yummy!

5. Kagay-anon Restaurant. Their Patatim is simply amazing!

For me, it’s not just about the food. Of course taste and texture matters (thanks to MasterChef Australia for teaching me these things), it also has a lot to do with the people that serve the food and what the food represents.

These restaurants may not be your favorite, but they are mine, and I love eating their kind of food.

So …

How about you? Where would you bring your friends? Where would you take your family for that occasional family dinner?