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How to Avoid Overspending This Christmas!


We all look forward to Christmas! It is a wonderful season; a season we give and share what we have with the people we love.

For almost all people, Christmas season is also the busiest time of the year for shopping even though we want people to always remember that the Christmas spirit is not about commercialism and material gifts – it’s about love. Since shopping, however, will always be part of how most people celebrate the Christmas season, below are some tips on how to avoid overspending on Christmas.

Use the 1.5 percent rule.

Don’t spend more than 1.5 percent of your total gross income on holiday-related expenses. If you’re in debt, consider spending less than 1 percent.

Pay Cash

Seeing money literally leave the wallet causes a shopper to be cognizant of what they are buying.

Christmas Gifts

Make a Christmas Shopping List, and Stick to it!

This means you buy only what’s on your list! Doing this allows you to save time and money. A list also narrows your options, which is a great benefit psychologically. Behavioral experiments show that when consumers narrow their options, they make better decisions. Your list should also include a price range for each item, such as a sweater between Php200 and Php 500 and have some backups so you don’t find yourself at a loss if something is out of stock or unavailable.

Shop Online

If you’re worried about impulse purchases busting your holiday budget, stay out of the stores and the malls. Sit down at the computer for a goal-oriented session of online shopping. That way you won’t be susceptible to the in-store sights, sounds and smells that lead to impulse buys.

Images courtesy of digitalart & Danilo Rizzuti /FreeDigitalPhotos.net