About Me

Makahiya Flower

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother …

I love reading good books

I love writing

I love taking pictures

I enjoy the simple things in life

My dreams are not big – they are simple and modest.

I live my life one day at a time …

And I make sure that

I spend every day doing what I love best!

Mealtime is always my favorite as I get to eat and enjoy great food with the people I love most!

I’m grateful that I am surrounded with intelligent people and conversing with them “sharpens” me …

I value good memories and so I take pictures as much as I can, whenever I can …

I find good music very uplifting … so I make it a point to listen to wonderful music which never fails to  inspire and uplift my sometimes sagging soul.

I feel grateful for the chance to give someone a smile

and I love it when I get a warm smile in return

And every night, as I lay down in bed to rest, I always say my prayer of thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father for the immeasurable blessings He has always generously given me …

for answering my prayers always …

for all that I have …

for I am …

And for who I can be!


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